An estimated 14% of all adults experience migraines, yet women are two times more likely than men to struggle with these severe headaches. Dr. Beijing Men at Integrated Oriental Medicine has extensive experience providing customized treatments such as acupuncture, which relieves your immediate pain and may also prevent future migraine flare-ups. If you have questions about how Oriental medicine can relieve your migraines, call one of the offices in Seattle or Bellevue, Washington, or book an appointment online.

Migraine Q & A

What causes migraine headaches?

Migraines cause severe, throbbing pain that lasts a minimum of four hours and may continue for days. Although the causes are still being studied, experts believe that changes in the lower part of your brain affect its interaction with nerves that send sensations from your face to your brain.

Genetics and brain chemical imbalances may also be involved. Migraines are triggered by a variety of factors that differ for each patient. Examples of common triggers include stress, fatigue, caffeine, bright lights, and not eating.

What symptoms might I develop during a migraine?

You may find that your migraine starts as a dull ache that builds into intense pain over the course of two hours. Migraines typically occur on one side of your head, near your temple, but they can affect both sides and cause pain anywhere in your head or neck.

A small number of patients develop an aura about 20-60 minutes before their migraine begins. Aura symptoms include wavy vision, flashes of light, difficulty talking, and tingling sensations.

During your migraine, you’ll experience symptoms such as:

  • Blurry vision
  • Lightheadedness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Pain that’s worse when you move
  • Sensitivity to light and sounds

Following a migraine, you may continue to feel weak, confused, or dizzy for up to 24 hours.

What is the treatment for migraines?

When you visit Dr. Men for help with migraines or other headaches, he first evaluates your history and assesses your symptoms, looking for red flags such as fever, sudden onset, and neurologic symptoms.

If any red flags are found, it’s essential for you to see a physician as soon as possible because your headache could be a sign of a serious underlying health condition.

Dr. Men then talks with you about your migraine, learning more about the type of migraine and your triggers, and then he develops a customized that meets your individual needs.

When treating migraines and other headaches, Dr. Men uses acupuncture to relax muscles, improve nerve function, and restore circulation to your head and neck. You’ll also receive herbs to support detox, blood circulation, and treat underlying conditions.

If you suffer from migraines, call Integrated Oriental Medicine or book an appointment online.