Herbal Medicine and Infertility

Herbal medicines have been used for thousands of years in the Eastern Medicine tradition to treat a plethora of health issues and concerns. Central among these is that of infertility, or the inability to conceive a child.

For many couples, infertility can serve as a great emotional stressor. Hope is within reach, as herbal medicines have served as a powerful tool to promote fertility among men and women for generations.

This research-driven, time-proven approach to infertility is part of the unique and patient-centered approach delivered at Integrated Oriental Medicine, a team of integrated health practitioners who are devoted to you throughout your journey.

What is herbal medicine?

Herbal medicines are, as it sounds, medicinal supplements that are purely derived from herbs. The herbs may be prescribed in a variety of forms, from chopped and powdered to capsule to liquid, and are arranged in combinations by an expert in the field.

The herbs have a cumulative effect on the individual, and may take time, and consistency, to see results. Herbal medicines for infertility are applied based on historical success.

Consult with your provider to balance herbal medicine with Western medicine

Depending on the herbal medicines prescribed to you, and your current medications, there may be contraindication, or effects that happen as a result of having more than one medication in your system.

Our knowledgeable providers can counsel you on your tailored herbal medicine regimen, taking into account your health history and other medications.

Herbal medicines are effective for infertility

Studies show that herbal medicines are greatly beneficial for fertility, alone and when compared to Western medicine. A review of research studies with over 1500 women found that management of female infertility with herbal medicine improved pregnancy rates by 2-4 times, compared to Western medicine of drugs and/or in vitro fertilization (IVF).

A larger analysis that included over 4000 women similarly found that herbal medicine improved pregnancy rates by at least two times, as well as positively influenced pregnancy markers such as ovulation rates.

Recent research has explored the use of herbal medicines as a means for improving the success rate of pregnancies within the Northern American medical framework. It shows that herbal medicines are established as an effective treatment in the health and medical world.

How soon will I conceive after beginning herbal medicine treatments?

Most providers advise that it takes at least one menstrual cycle to see effects from herbal medicines. It may take from weeks to months to conceive, and our providers counsel you on this timeframe and your progress toward pregnancy.

If you are ready to take this next step in your pregnancy journey, call or click to schedule an appointment with the providers at Integrated Oriental Medicine today.

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