Why are so many people aging or dying young?


The three misunderstandings are the causes of aging or dying young:
     1. Believing youth will last forever;

     2. Overly pursue the achievements;

     3. Difficulty to reduce their pressures from work, family, finance.

The above misunderstandings results in two overdrafts:

     1. Overdraft in health;

     2. Overdraft in life.

The solutions:

     1. Understand that your health is your first priority. Without your health nothing matters, this includes your business, work, house or car.

     2. Symptoms are the early signs of health deteriorating just like the check engine light to a car. So take care of the symptoms ASAP before your health gets worse.

     3. After 8 hours working or studying, spend at least one hour a day for your health.

How we can help:

    1. Review your history.
    2. Examine your body
    3. Figure out the real cause of your symptoms

    4. Create a comprehensive acupuncture and Chinese herbal plan to treat the cause of the Disease. 

Make a deposit to your health today to avoid overdrafting!

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