When we talk about toxins, most of us think about the toxins from the environment like food, water and air. But there are two kinds of toxins, one is the environmental toxins or external toxins; the other is internal toxins. Internal toxins are created by our cells and tissues metabolism activities (to make it simple, they are the poops and pees of the cells and tissues.). If the internal toxins are not removed effectively or in a timely manner, our body can very much intoxicated. The typical extreme examples are kidney failure and cirrhosis of the liver. Kidney failure without dialysis, patients can die in weeks. Cirrhosis without restored the protein level, the excessive abdominal water retention, bleeding or coma could gradually kill the patients.

 To understand the internal toxins, we need to understand the functions of heart, liver, kidney and lung. Heart is the motor power to push the blood to the cells and tissues, and collect the toxins from the cells and tissues back to the liver to decompose the toxins, lung to add more oxygen to the blood, kidney to filter the toxins out, and intestines to add more nutrition to the blood. If any of these organs have problems, our body could end up retain more toxins in it. 

To remove internal toxins, our clinic use acupuncture (Dr Men method) and herbs (Dr Men formulas) to improve the blood and Qi circulation, strengthen the heart, lungs and kidneys, clear the liver and enhance the digestive system. After going through this internal toxins removal, patients mostly gain more energy, improve body functions, less pain and less weight.

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