Obesity is NOT because of eating too much


Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that obesity is caused by insufficient high quality Blood supply to the tissues and organs. When the tissues and organs don't have enough high quality Blood supply, the functions of the tissues and organs decrease. This malfunction will reduce our energy levels and increase the retention of the metabolic end products (internal toxins) in our body. As our body has a protection mechanism, the internal toxins are then enclosed by fat tissues and deposited in our body.

From this theory, obesity is not an energy surplus, but rather lack of energy to help the tissues and organs maintain normal function, therefore retain too many toxins in our body.  This will explain why some of the people eat a lot but gain no weight, while others, no matter how little they eat, still gain weight.

According to this theory, our clinic has designed an herbal formula and acupuncture treatments to strengthen the heart, liver and kidney to restore the organ functions thereby improving energy level and improving the elimination of toxins. We don't recommend reducing food intake. We modify the timing of food consumption to "Morning eat like a queen/king (over eat). Lunch eat like a princess/prince (eat enough).  Dinner eat like a pauper (eat half or less full)." Our theory has helped many overweight patients to reduce 1lb/week in the first few months of the program.

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