Laxatives to the rescue!


A long time ago, on a very hot summer day, a countryside herbal doctor was on a walk, and took rest by a big tree. While resting, a large python slithered down the tree and ate the doctor and his herbal chest! The doctor, realizing that he might die in the python’s stomach, thought about how he could save his own life, and get out of the snake’s stomach! He reached into his herbal chest, and pulled out some Da Huang (Chinese Rhubarb) and Ba Dou (Croton Seeds), both Chinese Herbal Laxatives, and threw them into the snake’s stomach! Immediately, the doctor could begin to hear the snake’s tummy making “gurgle gurgle” sounds, and before long the doctor was poo-pooed out of the snake! It worked! But right away, the doctor realized, “my chest! I forgot to get my herbal chest!” So the doctor kindly asked the python to swallow him again so that he could get his chest back! The snake replied, “No Doctor! I have had enough of your horrible laxative herbs!” 

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