Early Death and how to reduce your risk


Experts believe that life circle has five stages:

1.    Age 0-35 is human life’s most active stage. In this period of life, human organs and tissues slowly develop and mature. All the organ’s functions are improving year after year. Because of the growth and development, this stage is called the Health Stage.

2.    Age 35-45 is when a human’s organ functions reach their highest level. In the meantime, the organs begin aging and functions start to decrease. Most of chronic illnesses, such as atherosclerosis, start forming, and diabetes starts showing up. This stage is also called the Disease Forming Stage.

3.    Age 46-55 is human life’s High Risk Stage. Most of diseases happen within this age group. Some of them threaten the life, such as coronary heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Most early death tragedies happen within this age group. Experts also call this age group the “Everglades”

4.    Age 59-65 is human life’s Safe Transition Stage

5.    After age 65, if a human doesn’t have any organ dysfunction, life is relatively safe at this stage. Therefore this stage is called Safe Stage.

Since age 46-55 is the High Risk Stage, here is some advice:

1.    Give up smoking and alcohol.

2.    Work, exercise and rest should be proportionate. Have a regular life style and a joyful heart.

3.    Do not neglect the symptoms. Symptoms are just like the indicator light on your dash board – there’s something wrong in the engine, namely, your organs. Please have the symptoms checked by medical practitioners. Find the causes of the symptoms and have them treated.

Here is what we do to help you go through this High Risk Stage:

1.    We use acupuncture and herbs to promote your Blood circulation to reduce the cardiovascular risk.

2.    We use cold laser, acupuncture and herbs to repair the old injuries.

3.    We use herbs to eliminate the toxins in your system to slow down organ and tissue aging and prevent loss of function. 

4.    We employ body, mind and spirit care to keep you with a joyful heart.

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