Chinese parable about a beloved doctor


Hua Tuo was a famous Chinese doctor in Chinese medical history. One day he was called in by the King. "Dr. Hua, I know that you are the best doctor in our kingdom. Would you please tell me about your self?", the king asked.

"My beloved king, I am not the best doctor in our nation. I am only the third best in our nation." Dr. Hua replied.

"I've never heard of the other doctors. Would you please tell me who they are and how they make it to the top?" the king asked further.

"My second brother is the second best because he treats the patients at the early stage of the disease. My oldest brother is the very best because he treats the patients before the disease even starts." Dr. Hua replied.

The king was curious and asked again, "How come no one talks about them?"

"My beloved king, people are talking about me because I save lives when people either have severe illness or are dying. Would you rather put out a fire or prevent the fire from starting?" Dr. Hua replied with a question.

"My beloved doctor, you let me know the very truth about medicine."

My friends, would you please help me to be the best doctor just how Dr. Hua wanted?

-Integrated Oriental Medicine

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