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Through many thousands of years, the Chinese have studied and refined the art and science of herbal medicine.

It is estimated that approximately 1/3 of all modern pharmaceutical drugs are derived from plant materials.

While modern pharmaceutical drugs often offer many life saving benefits, they are also known to have many un-pleasant side effects.  Western medicine is able to successfully suppress symptoms, however it is not able to alter the cause and origin of the disease being treated. Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine however, seek to treat the disease at it's source as well as strengthen the body's overall strength and vitality.

We Treat our herbal medicines like teas and/or tinctures to be taken orally.  In order to have successful results, it is important to have high quality herbs in the proper prescribed quantity given by our professional practitioners.

Integrated Oriental Medicine custom mixes the herbs specific to your conditions and for you to use in one convenient bottle!

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