Acute/ Chronic lower back pain


Our clinic use a combination of Acupuncture, Tuina (Chinese Therapeutic Massage), Infared, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and IOM’s Body Mechanics training to successfully treat Lower Back Pain on a regular Basis! The Case Study below is an example of our effective protocols!

28  year old male came in with Acute Lower Back Pain. Original onset was three years previous. Patient woke up with 8-9/10 (10 worst) pain and very limited range of motion. He had a lot of difficulty walking and bending over, and could not work. He ended up hospitalized and was given pain medications and muscle relaxers. The pain became intermittent over the following three year time span until one morning he again woke up with 8-9/10 pain. He had difficulty with getting in and out of bed, walking, bending over, and any sudden movements. He came in to see us on Day 2 of the intense pain. We observed limited range of motion, and pain to palpation of vertebrae L3-S4. We treated him using Acupuncture, Tuina (Chinese therapeutic massage), Infrared Light Therapy, and Chinese Herbs. 
The Acupuncture protocol we used was direct acupuncture to the lower back and SI-joint with stimulation, while also employing imaging acupuncture using the arms and legs as a “hologram” of the back. We also prescribed a Chinese Herbal 
formula to strengthen the back, reduce pain, and relax the muscles. Within seconds of the needles being placed, patient reported a 50% improvement of pain and within minutes 100%. He was able to walk out of the office free from pain! Next day, patient came in reporting that he remained pain free for several hours, but at night the pain came back, but to about only 50% of the original pain. We treated him daily for a total of 5 treatments. Each treatment had the patient leaving pain free, and the effect lasting longer until the 5th treatment when the pain remained gone! Three years of back pain ERASED in 5 treatments! Patient continued with IOM’s corrective care and body mechanics training to fully correct the underlying problems and ensure that the pain would not return. The difference here at IOM is while we can quickly and  effectively eliminate pain, we definately focus on treating the root causes of the disease to correct the problem so that it doesn’t come back!

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