A story about a good man


This is a story about a young man. He was very kind, and worked  very hard every day of his life. He successfully built up his business and  allowed his family to live a wealthy life. He was very good to his parents, and  was a good husband and father. Anyone could easily see that he was a good man and worked hard to provide for his family, however, he didn’t take good care of  his health. One day, he suffered from a heart attack and died. Most people would  think that because while he was alive he did so many good things, that in death  he would go straight to heaven, but the day he died, he found himself in hell!  The man could not understand why, and marched up to heaven’s door to ask God why he had been sent to hell! “God, please, I don’t understand, I was a good man, I  treated my family well, I supported them, I worked hard, and I did everything  right! Why must I go to hell?” God took him to the place where he could see the  world below, and the man quickly understood his fate. He watched the world below  and saw his father was tired and sad because without his son’s support he was  forced to return to work as a gatekeeper to make a living. He saw his beautiful  wife was tired and weak for she had to go back to work to support herself and  her children. And finally he saw his son, who could no longer afford expensive  tuition and had been ridiculed by his classmates. After the man saw all of this,  his heart was broken, and at this moment God said to him, “because of your death, your loved ones have fallen on difficult times. They live a life like 
Hell, so where do you think you should go?” 

So if you love your family, you must begin by loving and taking good care of yourself, because only then are you capable of loving others. Only with good health, can you take care of a good family. Only if you value your health,  can you love life, and love what you are doing. Therefore, no matter how difficult it is, or how tired you are, for your family, you should smile and say to yourself, “I need to take care of my health”, because without good health, nothing else matters. 

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