A Story about Dan Shen

A Story about Dan ShenThere was a woman in an island village who suffered from extreme lower abdominal pain. Her son, who loved her very much, and hated seeing her in pain, took her to see a monk. After a lot of studying, the monk told the young man about an herb he discovered, but this herb could only be harvested on the mainland that was far away, and difficult to get to. Because he loved his mother so much, the young man got a drawing of the herb from the monk and sought out to find it. The seas were rough, but he journeyed on. After a day’s journey, and with much exhaustion, he got to the mainland and found the herb! He harvested as much as he could hold and full of hope, he set off for the long journey home. He came back to the village to find his mother very ill, she could not walk because of the pain. He prepared the herbs for her, and his mother began to feel better right away! After a week, she was healthy again and had no pain! The young man went on to study all he could about this herb and continued to make the long journey to harvest it and use it to help all of the people in his village. Because of his bravery, this herb was named Dan Xin, for his “good heart”. This herb is known today as Dan Shen (Red Sage, Salvia Miltiorrhiza), and is a common herb found in many Chinese Herbal formulas for blood stagnation in the abdomen, pain, and even insomnia.

We thank the young man for his good heart and courage, and for the knowledge, he has added to Chinese Herbal Medicine!

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